Erie PA.

Where I call home. Latly I have been missing it more and more. And for one reason!


Now I know I know I have ranted and raved about the subject before, however i cant help but to be a little ticked. It has been over 5 days since the snow-pocalypse and still my street remains un-plowed. Along with many nearby side streets.  UGG.

This brings me to Erie. Due to lake effect snow conditions, snow like what Morgantown has been experiencing is pretty much to be expected. And streets generally remain clear and passable , ( even during the snow storms). Its hard for my to rap my head around the whole city shutting down for a few inches of snow! REDIC.

But i suppose i should’nt complain to much considering i got a few class free days out of the disaster.

so thanks snow, and the non-existent snow plow men! thank you for making my 5 day week a 3 days week! 🙂


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