Regatta Bar and Grille

The Regatta Bar and Grille is located in the Waterfront Hotel.

With a nautical theme and relaxing atmosphere it’s no question the Regatta is a hidden gem of Morgantown dining.

I frequent the Regatta every Wednesday after my W-V-U news class finishes taping across the parking lot. Usually seated at the bar, I get fantastic service and delicious food. The menu consists of comfort food with a twist. Sandwiches, salads, and entries for any type of taste bud.  The lunch buffet kicks off at 11. I would recommend the buffet over an entree just because you get everything all in one place. Not to say the menu doesn’t have diverse options.

Their Lunch buffet on Wednesdays is Italian themed and has a tasty all you can eat pasta bar where you can choose sauce, toppings and veggies!!! with various veggies, soups, and entrees on the buffet. In addition to a main meal there is a salad bar and various desserts to choose from.( I have a weakness for their cheese cake!)

All in all I think everyone should check out this spot! Its kind of fancy so don’t were your PJ’s but to be honest the prices are all pretty affordable.

  • I would also recommend this spot for a unique date spot!! Sometime Cheddars just gets a bit old!!!
  • Don’t forget to ask to sit on the patio if its nice out… it looks out over the river and the rail trail… pretty
  • let me know what you think about the Regatta Bar and Grille when you check it out!!

after note:

Currently there is a Business Card Drop Box where once a month there is a drawing, the winner gets dinner with two friends of choice, they even pick you up!! So get some cards made and try out your luck!


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