Over the last few days i have been stuck in my tiny house with only my dog and my wonderful roommate to keep my company ( due to snow) so i dug out the scrapbook and decided to put a few pages together.

I’m scrap booking  my internship to New Zealand . I worked with a local television station called CTV ( Canterbury television). The station covers the Canterbury Region of NZ.

Looking back on my experiences in with broadcast news NZ to how broadcast works here in the states, I can see many differences .

1. In NZ i was given a camera-man who would shoot my interview and b-roll for me. This does not happen as often in the states and many stations are getting rid of camera-men and hiring more “one-man-bands” journalists that can do it all themselves. that brings us to the next difference

2. In NZ they have editers , 2 men that split the days stories and edit the package together to go on air. HA we are not so lucky. Being a WVU news student we are required to not only come up with the story, write it in a compelling and interesting mannor, but also shoot and edit everything. Big change from what i was use to in New Zealand.

so although it was the time of my life. And i improved my writing and interviewing skills.

( I interviews/met baby cheetahs and their trainer, the leader of the Opposition party, and one of the most famous NZ musicians, among others, within a 10 week span)

I am still getting used to being a “one -man-band” But i have to say I am enjoying the learning process.)



Well i’m sure many people in Morgantown are in my position right now . I am stuck in my house, although i have it infinitely worse than others because no one is here is go sledding with me 😦

So i have been on a search to find something to do.

I tried baking Cookies. But i couldn’t get out of the house to get ingredients so i have to work with what we had in the house… we only had 5 ingredients lol … lets just say they turned out more like biscuits instead of cookies… but they’re still pretty tasty.

In addition to baking biscuits/cookies. my roommate Ashley and i decided to decorate them Valentine’s day style!

However cookie making only took about an hour of my day up… so the next activity we accomplished.

making candy necklaces.

So it is now 4 hours later , and after watching MAMMA MIA , baking cookies, and making Candy necklaces once again i have nothing to do .

Here are five sites you can visit when you find yourself in my predicament.








Just recently i did a story for WVU news about WVU’s efforts to give to Haiti relief. I would like to tell you a little about what our school is doing to help out the poorest nation in the world after the Devistating magnitue 7 earthquake hit Por-au-prince in January.

SGA has put together a “Dollars for Disaster” campaign collecting shoes, clothes, and money. They had booths set up the mountain lair, boxes for shoe collections at the Rec center, and Engenering buidings, and were even at the Backyard Brawl this past Thursday collecting at all the ticket gates. No word yet on how much they earned ( everything will be counted by Feb 13th) However we do know that they collected over a thousand pairs of shoes to send to those in need in Haiti!

PRSSA disigned T-shirts for next weeks Vilinova game ( the first ever Coal Rush) Calling it ” Hoops for Haiti” with all proceeds going to the American Red Crosss.

In addition Greek organizations across campus are holding funraising events and housing collecions within their houses.

It seems that everyone is chipping in to give to the 2 million people struggling in Port-au-Prince. We sould be proud of our Unviersity’s effots to help, and remember that they STILL need our help.. dont stop giving

you can donate online at

or be texting YELE to 510510 to give $5

or Haiti to 90999 to give $10


This kind of goes with the dude thats blogging about wearing helmets while skiing… today i was up at Wisp and i have to say that there were SOOO many people wearing Helmets.. snowboarders, skiers, old people, young people, and everyone in between.

I am glad that people are putting safety first when tackling a mountian… especially if they are beginners.

Whenever i first started skiing i never wore pads let alone a helmet and i cant tell you how many blows to the head i endured!! Its crazy how many times you fall when you’re first starting out… ( especially snow-boarders)

i tryed snowboarding once, and oh boy … the next time i try it..

( probubly next week actually) i will defenetly be one on the slopes sporting a helmet!!

On a different note. I was very disappointed at Wisp today. My roommate and I went up there for their night ski pass and ventured up the slopes only to find that two lifts were working and numerous runs were closed. I did not pay to ski down the same run 12 times!! There were no updates on their web-site about lifts closing or runs shut down. I am hoping that next time Wisp will be a little more on top on their own conditions , Because usually it is a very nice place to spend the evening!

The Barking Chain

Who hasn’t seen the movie 101 Dalmatians… pretty much everyone… whether you’d like to admit it or not. GREAT MOVIE

But that’s beside the point… I feel like I am  living in a real life scene of 101 Dalmatians, “The Barking Chain!!!

Now  I am a fan of animals, especially Dogs, I have a wonderful mutt named Merlot I rescued last year. HOWEVER

Some people in Morgantown should not be allowed animals if they can’t handle the responsibility!!

There is a dog down the road that is CONSTANTLY outside and barking. Now this is no regular barking… it literally sounds like this animal is dying. It is winter time.. animals do not want to sit outside for hours on end in 20 degree weather people!

I have considered calling the pound or the police or whoever you call for neglecting animals, but I can’t figure out exactly what house this dog lives at! I can’t see it, but I sure as hell can hear it!

If you have been chaining your dog for long periods of time THIS IS A FORM OF ANIMAL ABUSE . Be humane to our dog, or find someone else that might actually like having it around, ( instead of chained up in the back)


Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore , better know  ” the situation” is launching his own SCENT.

haha really?

Well i must admit i am one of many in America that is HOOKED on the Jersey Shore , i LOVE it, can’t get enough but…only because its awesomely terrible!!!

his own scent really? he haven’t done anything except for fist pump and creep on girls for all summer, (I cant BELIEVE how easy some people have it.)

And the best part… people will definatly buy it! Hes making money for being REDICULOUS well i guess that is the definition of Reality star

The situation, along with Snooki were even a the Grammys!!! are you kidding? Who in the world invited them… redic!!!

so all i can say is

MTV my name is Julia Day and i am a crazy, outgoing, blonde from WVU ( you can give me whatever nickname you want ), give ME a reality show, i mean what other skills do i really need except for over being 18 and  the ability to drink large amounts of alcohol.

I guess i could get up at 4 to work at a t-shirt shop on the Boardwalk if i really HAD too, but only twice a week please because i need my beauty sleep for when i go out to the club later.Oh and i cant fold the shirts… i have to rest my fist pumping arm! sorry

The infamous “all-nighter”

Its coming on that time of year. Were no longer in the first easy weeks of classes , but getting to the meat and potatoes of the semester. and i have to say… its been a bit rough on me.

All-nighter #1 comensed last night, and although i must admit it was rough i managed through it. And all  i can say is it wont be the last this semester.

its tough on me knowing i am sooo close to graduating yet still so far far away, i have SUCH bad senioritous in the most important semester ( capstone semester) of my college career. NOT GOOD .

( check out WVU news, starting next Sunday, airing on PBS and all over our campus)

if any one has productivity/ anti-procrastination tips for me, feel free to share, because i am struggling!!!

Grammys ( Tripple + Blogging threat)

The biggest topic this week.. The Grammys.

Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post , TMZ, Singitdontsay it… were all talking about it!

Now i have to admit i only caught bits and pieces of it, because i had in-service right in the middle of the airing, however i did tivo it so ill update thoughts at a later date.

lets go over some highlights:


one word FAN-TAB-ULOUS! … Celine, Usher, Carrie, Jennifer, and Smokey did a fantastic job for the Michael tribute. Then after Paris and Prince came out to accept his lifetime achievement award with grace and maturity. They were almost two different kids that we saw at the Memorial! I cant believe how grown up Prince sounded! Michael would have been proud .One thing that i WAS a little disappointed in was the 3D advertisement. it was nonexistent. If i would have known that Michael Tribute was going to come right out at me i would have purchased some glasses. ( Well good thing i have TIVO!)


Beyonce came away with 6 yep 6 grammy’s with Taylor Swift following close behind with 4 ( including Album of the Year) Taylors performance however was less than extraordinary, YUCK, but we wont go there.


This highly antisipated performance lived up to the hype. Although most of it was bleep bleeped out… you could tell by the performers energy’s and the crowds isle dancing that it was a great performance. Thats one i cant wait to watch again ( again TIVO whoot)


E ! is already on top of fashion at the Grammy’s , this year they even had a 360 degree photo shoot, to better critique the celebs!!! make sure to tune into to Fashion Police Tomorrow on E in case you missed the red carpet!!

now I am off to my beloved TIVO … more thoughts when i return!!

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

“in the words of Peter Griffin ” i have something to rant about.

Morgantown roads in the winter are atrocious!  Just yesterday i was venturing to work ( the student rec center) with my roommate, and fellow employee. There had been about 1/3 of an inch of snow over night and it was still steadily falling. Now i hale from Erie pa, right there in the middle of the snow belt of the U.S , so i admit i might be a little more used to driving in the snow then say, one from Jersey. BUT COME ON!

to make a long story short, there was panic a lot of panic in the eyes of drivers Saturday afternoon,.

on the usual 7 min trip from where i call home 9 months out of the year to work, i saw more than 10 wrecks. I actually saw them occur. Delying my usually monotonous trip to work 30 min. After being trapped between a 4 car pile up on falling run road and an explorer that ran off the road for nearly 10 min, We finally saw a free path and took it. Jeez .

But i cant just blame the drivers. It is of my thinking that by 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon there might be a plow truck or two on the road, salting, sanding, moving snow off the slick and VERY hilly streets of Morgantown, but apparently i am mistaken in the ways of WV DOT and there workers do not function well of saturdays.Because i did not see ONE such truck putt-sing around town .

i would like to see the log of accident reports between noon and 3 on saturday because im guessing its quite high.

But the mixture of crazy student drivers, and slick roads made for an interesting drive to work on Saturday!

This might help the city out!!!

State of the Union

so im sitting here watching the state of the union address becasue lets face it , what else is on when the government desides to take over network tv?

Biden and Nancy .. along with the rest of the house/attending are really get into this addresss. i cant remember the last time ive seen so many jack in the boxes!

I’m just glad people are starting to get a little excited about our president( or at least somewhat supportive). i still haven’t decided if i favor Obama or think hes crazy but i think the American people need to stand behind who we have elected, so we can actually accomplish something positive in the next few years.

so GO Obama administration, do something good for our nation already!!

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